These donors have given their hard-earned dollars to support The American Legion but are not members. The American Legion is the nation’s largest Veterans service organization, committed to mentoring youth and the sponsorship of wholesome community programs, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and devotion and support to our nation’s service members and veterans. The American Legion promotes “Americanism,” which is more than just baseball & apple pie!

It’s also citizenship, flag advocacy and etiquette, getting out to vote, supporting scouts and injured veterans, providing health care information and family support, and many more important programs and services.  60% male, 100% from direct mail, with average gift of $17.

Counts Segments Prices
125,799 0-6 Mo $95/M
189,918 0-12 Mo $90/M
247,169 0-18 Mo $85/M
300,356 0-24 Mo $80/M


Count Selects
191,178 Age (65+)
83,854 Income ($65k+)
194,314 Charitable Causes
52,871 Animal Welfare Causes
70,865 Environmental/Wildlife Causes
114,511 Health Causes
155,253 Political Causes
83,883 Religious Causes
76,319 Veteran’s Causes
122,756 Beauty/Cosmetics
193,446 Cooking
163,493 Collectibles
117,362 Children’s Interests
181,081 Crafts
206,033 Electronics/Computers
71,521 Environmental Issues
205,153 Exercise/Health
75,086 Fishing
200,937 Gardening
202,213 Home Furnishing Dec.
211,840 Home Improvement
92,412 Hunting/Shooting
162,156 Investment Grouping
129,206 Mail Order Buyer
302,799 Movies/Music
175,312 Outdoors
270,121 Pet Owners
209,933 Reading-General
191,303 Sports Grouping
177,260 Travel Grouping

Additional selections are available. Please inquire.

List Profile & Costs

Source: 100% Direct Mail

Minimum Order: 5,000

$5+ $7/M
$10+ $12/M
State/Zip/SCF $8/M
Non-Reciprocal $20/M
Net Name (50,000+) 85/10

Addressing (flat fee):

FTP/Email                  $55

Additional Details
20% commission to known brokers. Service bureau requires 3 business days to process orders. File caps at $99.99.

All processed orders canceled before mail date will incur a $50 cancellation fee in addition to applicable running, selection, and shipping charges.

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Sue Wong, List Manager
(410) 721-5700 Ext. 2318

Please send clearances & orders to: