Updated 2/2021


These donors have given their hard-earned dollars to support The American Legion but are not members. The American Legion is the nation’s largest Veterans service organization, committed to mentoring youth and the sponsorship of wholesome community programs, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and devotion and support to our nation’s service members and veterans. The American Legion promotes “Americanism,” which is more than just baseball & apple pie!

It’s also citizenship, flag advocacy and etiquette, getting out to vote, supporting scouts and injured veterans, providing health care information and family support, and many more important programs and services.  60% male, 100% from direct mail, with average gift of $17.

Usage Includes:

Partial Listing, 12 month continuation 

  • Amer Federation/Police
  • American Red Cross
  • AMVETS National Service Fund
  • Coalition/Salute Amer Heroes
  • Marine Corps heritage Fund
  • Mayo Clinic Health Letter
  • National Rifle Assn
  • Senior Center
  • Special Olympics Intl
  • United American Patriots
Counts Segments Prices
118,260 0-6 Mo $95/M
194,386 0-12 Mo $90/M
185,073 0-12 Mo $5+ +$5/M
149,406 0-12 Mo $10+ +$10/M
248,400 0-18 Mo $85/M
236,509 0-18 Mo $5+  +$5/M
189,406 0-18 Mo $10+ +$10/M
305,536 0-24 Mo $80/M
405,456 0-36 Mo $75/M

*0-6 month is available on exchange with limited rental. Reciprocal pricing will apply.

List Profile & Costs

Source: 100% Direct Mail

Minimum Order: 5,000

$5+ $7/M
$10+ $12/M
State/Zip/SCF $8/M
Non-Reciprocal $20/M
Net Name (50M+) @85/10
Household Income $10.00/M
Mail Order Buyer $10.00/M

Addressing (flat fee):

FTP/Email                  $55

Additional Details
20% commission to brokers. Pre-clearance required. Service bureau requires requires 3 working days to process all orders, otherwise $85 flat fee applies.

All processed orders canceled before mail date will incur a $50 cancellation fee in addition to applicable running, selection, and shipping charges.

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Sue Wong, List Manager
(410) 721-5700 Ext. 2318

Please send clearances & orders to: