The AudienceFirst Insights- Education file should be your go-to for selecting responders by year of study. Some responders received their high school diploma, while others received a doctoral or master’s degree. Now is the perfect time to reach out to these smart and studious responders.

These high value prospects would be ideal for the following causes and offers:

  • Educational Offers
  • Voter Outreach
  • Commercial Mailers

*Please inquire about email addresses and telemarketing counts and availability.

Counts Segments Prices
4,044,246 12 Mos Universe $75.00/M
50,622 3 Month Count +$10.00/M
Fundraiser Base Rate $65.00/M
21,230 Doctoral +$10.00/M
134,770 Masters’ Degree +$10.00/M
10,654 Bachelors’ Degree +$10.00/M
231,907 Associates Degree +$10.00/M
2,772,009 Completed High School +$10.00/M
752,815 Received GED +$10.00/M
FTP/Email Delivery $65.00/F

List Profile & Costs

Source: Online, Responders

Minimum Order: 10,000

Age $0/M
Gender $10.00/M
Ethnicity $20.00/M
Geo/SCF/Zip $8.00/M
Presence of Children $10.00/M
Household Income $10.00/M
Mail Order Buyer $10.00/M
Mail Order Donor $10.00/M
Mail Responder $10.00/M

Additional Details
20% commission to known brokers. Please provide (4) working days to process all orders. All processed orders canceled before the mail date will incur a $50/Flat cancellation fee in addition to applicable running, selection, and shipping charges. Orders canceled after the mail date incur full charges.

List Maintenance
Counts Through 9/30/2020
Last Update 11/4/2020
Next Update 12/2020
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Linda Amaral, Sales
(410) 721-5700

Yvette Robichaud, List Manager
(410) 721-5700 Ext. 2205

Please send clearances & orders to: