Updated 2/2021


Donors to The Reagan Ranch/Young America’s Foundation love the legacy of Ronald Reagan and are thanking him for his leadership by preserving his favorite place on earth, Rancho del Cielo, the President’s “Western White House”. It stands today as a living monument to Ronald Reagan, and his commitment reach future generations with his ideas—a goal that is also central to the Young America’s Foundation.

Usage Includes:

Partial Listing, 12 month continuation 

  • Association of Mature Amer Citizens
  • BoysTown
  • Citizens United
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Marine Corps Heritage Fnd
  • Republican National Committee
  • USO
Counts Rates
Commercial Mailers $100/M
Charitable Mailers $85/M
Candidate $120/M
Counts Segments Prices
87,643 Total Universe
28,593 0-6 Mo $95/M*
43,546 0-12 Mo $90/M*
42,954 0-12 Mo $5+ +$5/M
40,807 0-12 Mo $10+ +$10/M
64,254 0-24 Mo  $85/M*
63,222 0-24 Mo $5+ +$5/M
60,035 0-24 Mo $10+ +$10/M

*Pricing base for charitable mailers 

**File caps at $99.99

List Profile & Costs

Source: 100% Direct Mail

Minimum Order: 5,000

Average Donation: $30

Gender: 64% Male/36% Female

$5+ $5/M
$10+ $10/M
State/Zip/SCF $6/M
Non-Reciprocal $20/M
Net Name (50M+) @85/10
Gender $6/M

Addressing (flat fee):

FTP/Email                  $50

Additional Details
20% commission to brokers. Pre-clearance required. Service bureau requires requires 3 working days to process all orders.

All processed orders canceled before mail date will incur a $50 cancellation fee in addition to applicable running, selection, and shipping charges.

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Gaea Scott, List Manager
(410) 721-5700 Ext. 2262

Please send clearances & orders to: