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USA Shooting is the national governing body for the shooting sports of the United States. It is the mission of USA Shooting to prepare American athletes to win Olympic and Paralympic medals, promote the shooting sports throughout the U.S., and govern the conduct of international shooting in the country. USA Shooting implements and manages development programs and sanctions events at the local, state, regional and national levels.

Donors who support USA Shooting are also supporters of the US Olympic Shooting Team with their donations to USA Shooting Team’s golden future. These donors are avid hunters, gun owners, shooters, firearm collectors, outdoorsmen and Second Amendment supporters that purchase hunting equipment, rifles, pistols, shotguns, scopes, ammunition, reloading supplies, muzzleloaders and archery equipment. Average donation $27.50.

Counts Segments Prices
26,268 0-12 Mo $5+ $100/M
25,162 0-12 Mo $10+ +$10/M
34,843 0-24 Mo $5+ $90/M
33,367 0-24 Mo $10+ +$10/M
41,753 0-36 Mo $5+ $80/M
39,978 0-36 Mo $10+  +$10/M

List Profile & Costs

Source: 100% Direct Mail

Minimum Order: 5,000

$5+ $5/M
$10+ $10/M
State/Zip/SCF $6/M
Gender $6/M
Non-Reciprocal $20/M
Net Name (50M+) @85/10

Addressing (flat fee):

FTP/Email                  $60

Additional Details
20% commission to brokers. Pre-clearance required. Service bureau requires requires 3 working days to process all orders, otherwise $85 flat fee applies.

All processed orders canceled before mail date will incur a $50 cancellation fee in addition to applicable running, selection, and shipping charges.

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Gaea Scott, List Manager
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