To our community of list brokers, managers, agencies, and organizations:

How are you? We recognize these are challenging times—and we realize how easily just one news update can produce anxiety and stress, affecting everything you do. We want you to know—we’re in this with you.

Our NFL team is working remotely, and we are fully operational. We understand that things may change with your upcoming campaigns, and we’re here to help in any way we can. During this uncertain time, we’re waiving our cancellation and shipping fees on canceled orders to help your clients avoid additional costs.

Even while navigating the new “normal” (homeschooling our children, working from home, being away from loved ones), we’re staying up to date on what’s happening in the industry, so we can serve as a resource and guide to our clients and partners. We’ve attended several webinars to hear what experts and those who’ve been through past crises deem the best course of action for nonprofits. Here are a few tips:

Continue to communicate with your donors and members. They want to hear from you.
We’re all getting a lot of emails right now, but many of them are comforting and helpful. Emphasize the great work you’re doing, the need to go on without pause, and how donors can help during this time. Depending on what sector your organization is in, you can be a resource for donors or offer a brief reprieve from the bombardment of virus-related news. Either way, connect with your supporters and schedule your content wisely (mornings are busier than ever right now, so perhaps offer more content later in the day). Test messaging in less expensive channels and use this time to build your email file so you can stay in touch with donors and prospects.

Stick with tried-and-true packages, but make sure the tone is authentic to what’s happening.
Now may not be the best time to test that new or expensive package. Think about including a buckslip or insert into a package already in process to address how COVID-19 is affecting your organization. It’s recommended that you evaluate your list selection and housefile segmentation. Does it make sense to develop new audience personas that you can speak to in different ways?

Try to postpone a direct mail campaign or push to a later date.
If possible, find a way to either postpone or revise a current campaign instead of canceling altogether. Canceling a campaign will result in a loss of revenue that you may never be able to get back, especially if your organization has already canceled events or face-to-face meetings. Direct mail, along with increasing your digital communications, can help to offset attrition.

Be honest with senior staff, but remain confident that there will be a bounce back.
You may have donors, members, and sustainers dropping off right now, but based on prior crises, a bounce back is expected. When it comes time to reactivate the donors who dropped off, create a unique message and reach out with confidence—you can expect a higher percentage to return when the time is right to ask.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or need help with a campaign change. We’re here and in this with you. We know some days are going to be harder than others and hope you can find some comfort in whatever brings you a little joy (be it family, exercise, or a whole lot of chocolate).

Your NFL Family,

Diane, Samantha, Minyi, Sue, Lauren, Linda, Renee, Gaea, Yvette, and Zakiyah

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