When we started 2020, no one could predict that our world would face such unfamiliar circumstances. COVID-19 defined the year with social distancing, unpredictability, and the challenges of remote work and learning. At the beginning of the pandemic, much like other companies, we ensured that every member of our team could work safely 

As we move into 2021, we want to take this opportunity to thank you.   

We are proud to have supported your vital missions during a challenging year. 

In 2020, we provided channel-agnostic counsel. Through creating a cohesive plan, we focused on helping our clients reach (and exceed) their revenue goals despite new challenges. 

  • Rebranded to AudienceFirst Media, combining over 30 years of National Fundraising Lists brokerage and management experience with the most advanced data-driven consumer targeting capabilities. As we began to expand our expertise and services in media planning, data sales, audience segmentation, data solution, and state-of-the-art program analytics, becoming AudienceFirst Media allowed us to advance in our new services and future opportunities and reinvent list brokerage and management.  
  • Partnered with Fluent, a leading performance marketing company, to manage and launch the AudienceFirst Insights database. This unique prospecting database applies strategic analysis, including premium lifestyle and demographic data, to create high-value prospect lists. With hundreds of data elements available, the AudienceFirst Media sales team can help marketers pinpoint qualified, targeted prospects for their offer. 
  • Welcomed new clients across multiple nonprofit verticals.  AFM is honored to have welcomed 10 new organizations and help them achieve their mission and goals through our multi-channel strategic approach. 
  • Expanded our team and direct marketing expertise through the addition of six talented professionals from across the countryAudienceFirst Media’s growing team assembles years of expertise in direct marketing across multiple verticals from customer acquisition, data management, data sales, public relations, and integrated media planning across channels.  
  • Invested in our growing team’s professional development in the nonprofit sectorNo matter the circumstances, we stayed focused on educational opportunities within AudienceFirst Media and the direct marketing community through webinars and virtual conferences 

Our 2021 goals are focused on fueling your growth and growing our offerings to better serve you, including providing media planning, data/list management and marketing solutions. 

We enter 2021 with optimismempowered with a team of talented and tenured professionals, with a continued passion for the goals and mission of our valued partners.  

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