Acquisition Strategies

Selecting the most responsive audience to receive your message is key, requiring a strategic approach and innovative solutions. Our successful acquisition strategies focus on four key areas:

  • Identifying strategies to support top-performing resources by reviewing upfront results and long-term value.
  • Analyzing current and prospective markets to determine areas for expansion and uncover test opportunities.
  • Conducting in-depth analysis to understand the history of your program and provide analysis to guide strategic decisions.
  • Reevaluating our recommendations based on new data and results, changing market trends, and availability of current and new resources.
List Management

List Management

Your dedicated list team will work together to research new list ideas, secure approval on high-value lists, negotiate pricing, and market your file to increase list rental revenue. We developing realistic expectations based on historical usage, marketplace trends, and projected exchange capabilities.

Knowing how to market your file is only the beginning. Through our list management and brokerage experience, we know the best audience for your file and the channels to reach them. And our numbers prove it. We process thousands of exchange and rental list orders each year, resulting in millions of dollars in list rental revenue for our clients.

Our creative marketing approach for our list properties, featuring unique offers and messaging rooted in building personal relationships, is backed by our data-driven mindset and detailed recordkeeping.

Digital Solutions

We provide forward-thinking, data-driven digital marketing strategies that go beyond direct mail to support multitouch campaigns. This includes:

E-appends: We match consenting direct mail files to a database of email addresses as a cost-effective strategy to build your email list.

Network Advertising: Our media plans include display remarketing and retargeting.

Partnered Digital Services: We can provide email, social, SEO, Google Grants, and digital analytics.



From our initial list audit to our continued goal of finding the most responsive prospects for your offer, our results-oriented strategies are guided by our innovative and in-depth analysis and reporting.

Our knowledge beyond lists is focused on:

  • Individual list performance
  • Performance by market
  • Seasonality trends
  • Package performance
  • Year-over-year comparison
  • Lapsed reactivation
  • Geographic analysis
  • Merge processing opportunities

Data Processing

Clean data keeps your costs low. More than that, data enhancements can make sure you are asking the right people for the right amount in the right channel, every time. That’s why we are a full-service bureau partner and can help with:

  • Advanced Merge/Purge
  • List Fulfillment and Management
  • Data Appends
  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Data Enrichment
data processing capabilities

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